Improving Life After Cancer

Alice and Mark Stamm

Receiving a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma at age 32 was hard for Alice Park Stamm. Six months of treatment was even harder. But the most challenging part was yet to come.

"It may seem hard to believe, but the worst part was after treatment," she said. "I didn't know who I was or what to do next. That's when I reached out to Turning Point."

Finding a new Alice

At Turning Point, Alice found solace in a six-week program called "Surviving and Thriving." She was surrounded by participants who were at one stage or another of a life-changing illness. Their stories resonated with her as the instructor led the class on a journey, one step at a time, toward peace and understanding.

"The program gave me such clarity," she said. "I was not the same person I had been before cancer. A new Alice began to emerge. And I liked her."

Turning Point's staff seeks to empower and transform the mind, body and spirit of individuals, families and friends living with any serious or chronic physical illness – not just cancer. Alice waited until she was cancer-free to sign up for a class, but many physicians recommend Turning Point as soon as a diagnosis is made.

From recipient to benefactor

Alice stayed connected with Turning Point by volunteering at the front desk and making annual contributions. In 2016, she and her husband, Mark, decided to step up their donation and sponsor a comprehensive educational program called "Life After Cancer." The six classes are designed to help participants manage the physical and emotional issues that may arise during and after treatment. Topics include:

  • Moving for Life
  • Living with Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Cancer-Related Fatigue
  • Couples and Cancer
  • Living with Lymphedema
  • Resources for the Cancer-Patient Caregiver

Because Turning Point programs are supported entirely by philanthropy, grants from generous donors are vital. "Turning Point was there for me when I was at my worst," said Alice. "Now it's my turn to help someone else."

With a post-cancer perspective, the Stamms are proof that life after cancer can be wonderful. "If you're a patient or caregiver, I encourage you to sign up for a class," said Alice. "And if you have the means to help support this incredible resource, we hope you'll join us."