Turning Point: Our Founders

Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing was established on March 21, 2001 by Moira Mulhern and Liz Paugoulatos. Moira and Liz then put together a managing board of civic, business and community leaders. 

Founder: Moira Mulhern, PhD

Co-founder: Liz Paugoulatos

Founding Board Members

  • Laura Curry Sloan
  • Dave Fowler
  • Anne Gall
  • Laurie Ingram
  • Cheryl Jernigan
  • Peg Lyons
  • Al Mauro Jr.
  • Kirsten McGannon
  • Steve Miller
  • Susan Miller
  • Julie Mulhern
  • Jane Sosland
  • Liza Townsend
Carol Hester

An Oasis for the Soul

"Turning Point is free and it's priceless. If I have a freaky moment, I know I have the skills to stop and get my thoughts back on track. My life is so much more enjoyable. How do you attach a value to that?"