Hope and optimism quiz answers

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Hope and optimism quiz answers

1. Optimists live longer than pessimists.

True - The University of Pittsburgh studied the health and hope of almost 100,000 women over eight years. They found optimists often believed they would live longer than pessimists - and they were right! The study found that over the eight-year period optimists, compared to pessimists, were less likely to die from all causes.

2. Hopeful people are better athletes.

True- Even though a hopeful attitude doesn’t make you jump higher or run faster, it does mean you’re more goal-oriented and motivated. A study at the University of Pennsylvania took a group of swimmers, told them to swim as fast as they could, recorded their swim times, and then gave them false, slower times. The optimistic swimmers used the fake time as motivation and swam even faster, while the pessimists did even worse.

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